Pay as you want, also using Hipcoins Tokens

Pay with FIAT circuits, your favorite wallet and take the opportunity "Pay with tokens"

You can buy Hipaliens NFTs and whitelist them at the pre-sale stage, during the drops following the calendar, or you can buy on the website or in the marketplaces, first on JPGStore where the collection is already registered. For purchases you can follow the information on our community Discord and if you follow us in the offers advertised you can use HIPCOINS to get discounts, directly in purchase.

Sale payment by "Pay with Credit Card / FIAT", "Pay with Ethereum", "Pay with Solana"

You can pay with your preferred method

Sale payment by "Pay with tokens"

Hipcoins custom packs are also available, just contact us on discord.

Look: this is an example of a purchase of 5 Hipaliens with a hybrid payment of 175 Ada and 4000 Hipcoins; this is done by means of a technique of "Pay with tokens" to allow purchases of NFT in whitelist and offers. Stay tuned to these opportunities, they are and very frequent, and we do not exclude even extraordinary Airdrops...

For "Pay with HIPC" and Ada follow the instructions; the purchase process is completely guided, and you can follow the instructions that will avoid mistakes.

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